I am Faez Hasnan

Faez Ridzal Hasnan

Imperial College London, 2009

Technical Skillsets

.NET, Kotlin, Java and associated frameworks
NoSQL (DynamoDB, MongoDB) and SQL (MySQL, MSSQL) databases
AWS, Terraform and Docker
Python, Go and associated frameworks
About me

I am a software engineer with interest towards software development and leadership, keen to expand and share my knowledge and experience through collaboration and contemporary technologies.

Spanning over 15 years, the roles I take on include backend development and architecture design in various banks and fintech houses. Within these roles, I practice pragmatism to develop effective systems that meet business needs, while maintaining high code quality.

As a tech lead, I assemble teams that strive for happiness, autonomy and incremental progress, while being an effective check-and-balance for stakeholders.

What I Offer

An overview of roles and capacities based on my skillsets.

Backend Development

Build reliable and efficient server-side solutions for websites or application. Includes database schema analysis, API development and infrastructure configuration.

Frontend Development

Create clean and simple user interfaces for seamless user experience. Includes responsive web design and backend integration and cross-browser compatibility.


Optimise software development cycle, with continuous integration, testing, deployment, and monitoring. Cost-effective, performant and rapid application lifecycle management of products.

Solutions Architect

Design using the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Improve business objectives with operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability.

Technical Writing

Document technical and business processes, and proofread copies in websites or API. Refine knowledge for accuracy, readability and impact, ensuring it is transferred or retained with the target audience.

Tech Consultation

Assess current technological state and provide recommendations and improvements on migration scenarios, data management and infrastructure security. Execute and arrive at strategic goals with the right checks and controls.






A selection of personal projects and client case studies.

Interest Calculation

.NET, Docker, Finance Computations

Bill Payments

React, Node, Technical Writing

Consumer Transactions

Kotlin, Terraform, AWS

Investment bank and financial services company that offers wealth management, institutional securities, and investment management services.

Proprietary trading firm that uses advanced technology and quantitative analysis to trade financial instruments on global markets.

Cloud-based banking and investment solutions for financial institutions, including core banking, savings, and investment platforms.

Fintech group of companies that provides consolidated consumer cashback services, through the principles of open banking, cancellation and purchase rewards.


Three curated writeups reflecting my opinions in software engineering.


Power of empathy in leading teams.

Empathy is an important and crucial skill for leaders in software development, as it builds a culture of trust, respect and collaboration, enabling teams to achieve great things.


AI impact on development practices.

We explore the future of source code in AI-based software development. While generated source code has value, it may be bypassed by trained AI that understands a domain and its constraints.


Vectorizing LINQ operations.

We are going to use Vector to parallelise many LINQ operations and measure the performance improvements using Benchmark.NET. Using SIMD instructions is cool, but is it worth the effort?